🈁Transfer Assets and Data

Moving assets between Layer4 Network and Ethereum

The process of transferring assets or data between two distinct blockchains is commonly referred to as 'bridging'. Given the distinct nature of Layer4 Network as an independent Layer 2 (L2) blockchain ecosystem, applications and wallets seeking to transfer assets or data between Ethereum and Layer4 Network can effectively utilize our official bridge to facilitate this process with precision.

Sending Assets​

The Layer4 Bridge encompasses all essential functionalities required for the predominant use case: the seamless transfer of tokens between Layer4 Network and Ethereum. Additionally, it provides a straightforward means to establish L2 representations of pre-existing tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sending Data​

In the event of a requirement to transmit arbitrary data between Ethereum and Layer4 Network, this can be achieved by initiating a contract function on Layer4 Network through a contract on Ethereum, and vice versa. The Layer4 Bridge incorporates a straightforward API for instigating cross-chain function calls.

How does it work?​

The standard Layer4 Bridge comprises a collection of smart contracts. The core mechanisms for bridging ERC-20 assets are implemented by two primary contracts: L2StandardBridge on the Layer4 network and L1StandardBridge on Ethereum. Transactions involving deposits or withdrawals, initiated by a wallet on L2 or L1 respectively, trigger specific functions within the standard bridge contracts.

For instance, when a wallet requests a deposit of 10 $LAYER4 on L1, these tokens are secured on L1 within the bridge contract, and a corresponding amount of 10 $LAYER4 is generated on L2, subsequently transferred to the wallet. On the other hand, should a wallet opt for a withdrawal of 10 $LAYER4 on L2, the tokens are extinguished, leading to the release of the equivalent 10 $LAYER4 tokens that were initially locked on L1, finally reaching the wallet.

To facilitate streamlined deposits and withdrawals, you can effortlessly link your wallet to the Layer4 Bridge UI.

Using the Official Layer4 Bridge​

For seamless transfers of your $LAYER4 tokens, Ether, or other ERC-20 tokens between the Layer4 Network and the Ethereum chain, access the Layer4 Bridge. You're welcome to begin by experimenting with the testnet bridge, allowing you to become familiar with the user interface.

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