Layer4 Games SDK

Elevate your web3 game's integration with the Layer4 Network using the Game SDK.

Layer4's Game SDK provides:

  • Integration of Wallet for gamers, allowing them to access Layer4 Network features within your game.

  • Seamless embedding of web3 experiences directly within your game, eliminating the need for players to leave the gaming environment.

  • No requirement for prior blockchain or web3 knowledge.

  • Easy retrieval of user item inventories from their wallets, effortlessly displayed in your game.

  • Simplified access to token balances, images, and metadata for display within your game.

  • User-friendly initiation of transactions from your game.

  • Access to a user network with existing funds.

  • Compatibility with both desktop and mobile platforms.

  • Utilization of Layer4's powerful web3 capabilities to enhance your game.

  • Support for HTML5, Unity, and Unreal game development.

Leverage the potential of Layer4's Game SDK to seamlessly incorporate web3 functionalities into your game, enhancing user engagement and providing an enriched gaming experience.

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